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Catholic Church Says / Bible Says:

  • Regarding Authority Church #1

    The Catholic Church says that the authority of the church resides in the Magisterium (Pope, Cardinals and Bishops)

    The Bible says that the authority of the church resides in Jesus Christ through His Word under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

    The problem that Catholics have is that define church as an institution as opposed to a body of born again believers.


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"After singing a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives". (Mark 14:26) Can you hear Jesus singing? Can you imagine that. A perfect Man with a perfect voice! Was he a bass or a tenor? Was there a down-home twang to his voice? Or was there an unwavering crystal pitch? Imagine further if He appeared on the "Jerusalem Idol" program. He'd be a sure winner. Wouldn't be close.

Did he close his eyes and sing to his Father? Or did he look into his disciples’ eyes and smile at their deep camaraderie?
My meditating on this is the result of John Piper's devotion app of yesterday. John said "O, I can hardly wait to hear Jesus sing! I think the planets would be jolted out of orbit if he lifted his native voice in our universe. But we have a kingdom that cannot be shaken; so, Lord, come on and sing". Some day soon I will have the amazing thrill of hearing That Voice. Will You? Accept Him to hear Him and join His song. Sounds great.
Gus Supan

Supan Says #01. CHURCH GROWTH. “It behooves us to pause, reflect and discern whether or not rapid church growth is the work of God, good a


Supan Says

Some Said

SOME SAID #09. LIBERALISM: “A God without wrath, brought men without sin, into a kingdom without judgment, through the ministrations  of a Christ without a cross.” (H. Richard Niebuhr) ★

Did You Know?

Augie Asks

AUGIE ASKS #09: Does the Catholic Church still teach that there is no salvation outside of its church? (6-6-12) ☆

He Said

"A good name is better than precious ointment, and the day of death better than the day of birth" (Ecl 7)

We Say

WE SAY #04. CHANGE: “The way of change is not always knowledge but brokenness.” (A.J. Supan /Ed Welch 10/25/08) ★

Gus Googles

Two out of three Catholics (68%) said their religious faith is very important in their life
the same as was true among non

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